Report of the Task Force on Off-Track Betting : volume one

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Government of Ontario
The Task Force on Off-Track Betting was formally established on July 23, 1972, by Order-in-Council, to examine and consider the various systems and methods of off-track pari-mutuel wagering and recommend to the Government those which might be most suitable for use in Ontario. It has endeavoured to investigate the bettor and, in equal part, the traditional object of his attention, the horse racing industry. Throughout these investigations the Task Force has been guided by the mandate of the Honourable William G. Davis, Q.C., Premier of Ontario who said in announcing its formation on July 7, 1971: "The question is not whether we shall have off-track wagering, which has long been a common practice, lawful or otherwise, but how best we can provide such a service consistent with the public interest, which will protect the integrity of the horse racing industry, and which will not attract undesirable elements nor encourage illegal practices." As well as examining, in a general way, the legal, social and economic problems raised by off-track betting, the Task Force undertook some rather extensive research, making every effort to solicit submissions and comments from interested persons and members of the general public.
Off-track pari-mutuel wagering, Horse racing industry