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Authors: Eberly, Wayne
Cleve, Richard
Bshouty, Nader H.
Keywords: Computer Science
Issue Date: 1-May-1992
Abstract: We prove some tradeoffs between the size and depth of algebraic formulae. In particular, we show that, for any fixed $ epsilon~>~O$, any algebraic formula of size \s+1Ss-1 can be converted into an equivalent formula of depth $\s+1O\s-1 (log \s+1S\s-1)$ and size $O(S sup {1+ epsilon})$. This result is an improvement over previously-known results where, to obtain the same depth bound, the formula-size is $ OMEGA (S sup alpha )$, with $ alpha~>=~2$.
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Cleve, Richard
Bshouty, Nader

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