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dc.contributor.authorWecker, Lakineng
dc.contributor.authorSamavati, Faramarzeng
dc.contributor.authorGavrilova, Marinaeng
dc.description.abstractDue to renewed interest in security, iris images have become a popular biometric alternative to fingerprints for human identification. However, there exist very few databases on which researchers can test iris recognition technology. We present a novel method to augment existing databases through iris image synthesis. A multiresolution technique known as reverse subdivision is used to capture the necessary characteristics from existing irises, which are then combined to form a new iris image. In order to improve the results, a set of heuristics to classify iris images is proposed. We analyze the performance of these heuristics and provide preliminary results of the iris synthesis method.eng
dc.subjectComputer Scienceeng
dc.titleIris Synthesis: A Reverse Subdivision Applicationeng
dc.publisher.corporateUniversity of Calgaryeng
dc.description.notesWe are currently acquiring citations for the work deposited into this collection. We recognize the distribution rights of this item may have been assigned to another entity, other than the author(s) of the work.If you can provide the citation for this work or you think you own the distribution rights to this work please contact the Institutional Repository Administrator at digitize@ucalgary.caeng
dc.identifier.doi Scienceeng

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