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Title: Problem gambling survey, 1996 : final report
Authors: Angus Reid Group
Keywords: Problem gambling;Gaming industry--British Columbia
Issue Date: 29-Jul-1996
Publisher: Angus Reid Group
Abstract: The present research presents a smaller scale replication of the 1993 survey program ("Social Gmaing and Problem Gambling in British Columbia", Angus Reid / Gemini Research, 1994) to assess whether any significant changes have occurred in the prevalence of problem gambling in the Province of British Columbia. Specific objectives include: Monitoring any changes in the extent of problem gambling in British Columbia, using the same South Oaks Gambling Screen (SOGS) employed in the benchmark survey; Tracking gaming behaviour among the population at large and problem gamblers, and; Monitoring public perceptions of gambling problems and related gaming issues in the province, impact of new developments such as Club Keno, and new cross border casino developments.
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