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Authors: Birtwistle, G.
Simpson, Todd
Graham, Brian
Keywords: Computer Science
Issue Date: 1-Feb-1992
Abstract: A totally verified system consists of a meaning preserving compiler and hardware which correctly interprets the resulting machine code. This paper describes work in progress towards this goal using MiniSML, a small functional language, and the SECD machine. A functional language is used to ease software proofs, and the SECD machine was chosen as it was the best documented machine when we began this work. This paper outlines a (hand) proof of the correctness of a translator from MiniSML to SECD machine code and a mechanized HOL proof of the hardware which realizes the abstract SECD machine. To achieve a totally verified system, further work is required to mechanize the translator proof and tie it directly to the machine proof, and to recognize the constraints of the machine (i.e., memory capacity) at the software level.
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