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Authors: Dewar, Alan D.
Cleary, John G.
Keywords: Computer Science
Issue Date: 1-Dec-1985
Abstract: An interactive Prolog debugger, DEWLAP, is described. Output from the debugger is in the form of graphical displays of both the derivation tree and the parameters to procedure calls. The major advantage of such displays is that they allow important information to be displayed prominently and unimportant information to be shrunk so that it is accessible but not distracting. Other advantages include the following: the control flow in Prolog is clearly shown; the control context of a particular call is readily determined; it is easy to find out whether two uninstantiated variables are bound together; and very fine control is possible over debugging and display options. A high-level graphics language is provided to allow the user to tailor the graphical display of data structures to particular applications. A number of issues raised by the need to update such displays efficiently and to control their perceived complexity are addressed. The DEWLAP system is implemented in Prolog on relatively standard hardware with a central processor running Unix and remote workstations with bitmapped displays and mice.
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