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Title: Supporting Lightweight Customization for Meeting Environments
Authors: Tse, Edward
Greenberg, Saul
Keywords: Computer Science
Issue Date: 29-Apr-2005
Abstract: Digital wall-sized displays commonly support authoring and presentation in face to face meetings. Yet most meeting applications show not only meeting content (i.e., the mate-rial being developed) but authoring tools as well the usual controls, palettes, and menus. Attendees are dis-tracted when the author navigates the (usually complex) interface as part of the authoring process the tools them-selves unnecessarily clutter the display. The problem is that current customization techniques are not suited for meeting environments as complex customization interfaces take attention away from the meeting agenda thus making cus-tomization a socially unacceptable practice. In this paper, we present the solution of lightweight cus-tomization, a customization technique designed to mini-mize time and cognitive effort. This paper illustrates lightweight customization through two implementations: First, customized views provide a scribe with full applica-tion functionality while presenting the important presenta-tion content to the other meeting collaborators on a secon-dary projected display. Second, customized interfaces al-low meeting collaborators to rapidly recall previous func-tionality and build customized interfaces through a history of previous actions.
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