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Title: A Conceptionary for Speech & Hearing in the Context of Machines and Experimentation
Authors: Hill, David R.
Keywords: Computer Science
Issue Date: 1978
Citation: Hill, D.R. (1976, 2001) "A Conceptionary for Speech & Hearing in the Context of Machines and Experimentation" Research Report 78/27/6, 76 pp.
Abstract: A conceptionary, like a dictionary, is useful in learning the meanings of words. Unlike a dictionary, it is designed to make the reader work a little, and to develop a conceptual framework for the subject of the conceptionary. It is not an encyclopaedia, though it has as one function, in new or interdisciplinary areas, the drawing together and reconciliation of disparate sources. Like Marmite, it is designed to be nutritious and highly concentrated. Do not be put off by the consequent strong flavour, especially in the more extreme sections. The syntax is correct, if complicated. The author wished to thank Mr. R.L. Jenkins for his careful reading of the manuscript and many useful comments and corrections, while laying sole claim to any errors, omissions, or lack of clarity that remain. Updated copies of this report may be found here: <a href="">At Dr. Hill's Homepage</a>.
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