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dc.contributor.authorWitten, Ian H.eng
dc.contributor.authorJenkins, Richard L.eng
dc.description.abstractThe multitude of computer input-output devices currently marketed, and their decreasing cost, often raises problems of transfer of information between different media. These are aggravated by the ready availability of low-cost processing power in the form of mini- and micro-computers, which encourage the development of many separate computer configurations, each with their own input-output facilities. Processor-processor links using existing input-output channels constitute a cheap and simple way of overcoming these incompatibilities. This paper discusses the software and hardware technology for handling such links, placing emphasis on simple, easily-implementable protocols and hardware rather than on maximum bandwidth utilization and automatic error correction.eng
dc.subjectComputer Scienceeng
dc.publisher.corporateUniversity of Calgaryeng
dc.description.notesWe are currently acquiring citations for the work deposited into this collection. We recognize the distribution rights of this item may have been assigned to another entity, other than the author(s) of the work.If you can provide the citation for this work or you think you own the distribution rights to this work please contact the Institutional Repository Administrator at digitize@ucalgary.caeng
dc.identifier.doi Scienceeng

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