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dc.contributor.authorCorbett, Chriseng
dc.contributor.authorWitten, Ian H.eng
dc.description.abstractFig is a preprocessor to troff which allows figures consis ting of arbitrary graphics to be included within formatted text. Such graphics can come from a variety of sources, presented in the form of figures defined within the text, Unix plot files and raw raster files. Figures defined within the text are specified in the PIC language, and thus fig contains a PIC interpreter. The basic objects in PIC are boxes, lines, arrows, circles, arcs, and ellipses. These may be placed anywhere and labelled with arbitrary text. This report is a compendium of documents which give the information needed to get started with fig and PIC.eng
dc.subjectComputer Scienceeng
dc.publisher.corporateUniversity of Calgaryeng
dc.description.notesWe are currently acquiring citations for the work deposited into this collection. We recognize the distribution rights of this item may have been assigned to another entity, other than the author(s) of the work.If you can provide the citation for this work or you think you own the distribution rights to this work please contact the Institutional Repository Administrator at digitize@ucalgary.caeng
dc.identifier.doi Scienceeng

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