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Title: Managing the Mackenzie: Negotiating a Future with the Basin in Mind
Authors: Saunders, J. Owen
Keywords: Alberta oil sands development;northern river management
Issue Date: Sep-2012
Publisher: Canadian Institute of Resources Law
Citation: J. Owen Saunders, "Managing the Mackenzie: Negotiating a Future with the Basin in Mind" (2012) 114 Resources 1
Abstract: Negotiations on the future of the Mackenzie Basin are currently proceeding primarily through a series of separate bilateral negotiations amongst the various Basin jurisdictions. These negotiations represent a chance to finally give the Basin a governance regime that will protect it for succeeding generations. They also represent an opportunity for all Basin governments to think in fresh ways about how to incorporate the best of modern watershed management approaches into interjurisdictional decision-making. A successful outcome will be to the benefit not just to the people of the Basin, but to all Canadians.
Description: J. Owen Saunders, the former Executive Director of the Institute wishes to thank the Walter and Duncan Gordon Foundation for its support of the research for this article.
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