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Title: ALICE RAP: Interim Report on Gambling
Authors: Bühringer, Gerhard
Neumann, Maria
Angus, Kathryn
Blomqvist, Jan
Brotherhood, Angelina
Croes, Esther
Delrio, Claudio
Disley, Emma
Duke, Karen
Egerer, Michael
Fjer, Svanaug
Frank, Vibeke Asmussen
Harkins, Claire
Hellman, Matilda
Houborg, Esben
Karlsson, Thomas
Lindemann, Mikaela
Miller, David
Ortaleva, Peppino
Österberg, Esa
Probst, Charlotte
Remmers, Pieter
Sulkunen, Pekka
Sumnall, Harry
Thom, Betsy
Trautmann, Franz
Keywords: Gambling -- Government policy -- European Union countries
Issue Date: 12-Jul-2013
Description: Permission to include in Alberta Gambling Research Institute research repository granted by Fleur Braddick on November 25, 2013.
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