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Title: Gambling Prevalence in South Australia (2012)
Authors: Social Research Centre
Keywords: Gambling -- South Australia;Gambling -- South Australia -- Statistics
Issue Date: Jul-2013
Abstract: This summary presents selected findings from the 2012 survey of Gambling Prevalence in South Australia (GPSA); a survey which involved telephone interviews with a random sample of 9,402 South Australian adults between October and December 2012. It formed the fifth evaluation of gambling activity amongst South Australians since 1995 and used a methodology which largely replicated that used in the 2005 GPSA. The 2012 survey examined a wide range of gambling issues such as the prevalence and frequency of participation in various types of gambling including internet gambling; the prevalence and impact of problem gambling; awareness and use of gambling support services; and participation in selected activities associated with gambling at hotels, clubs, casinos or stand-alone TAB agencies.
Description: Permission to include in Alberta Gambling Research Institute research repository granted by Glenn Palmer (DCSI) on March 3, 2014.
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