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Title: Study of the impact of casino gambling on the Ontario horse racing industry
Authors: Price Waterhouse
Keywords: Horse racing industry--Ontario;Casinos--Ontario;Gambling--Ontario;Gambling--Manitoba
Issue Date: 21-Sep-1992
Publisher: Ontario Jockey Club
Abstract: (Note: Author's name from 'Overview'.) After the Ontario Government announced that full-fledged casino gambling would be legalized in the province, The Ontario Jockey Club commissioned Price Waterhouse to prepare a report commenting on the general condition of the horse racing industry in Ontario and to summarize documentation on experiences that other jurisdictions in the United States have encountered with respect to the effect of casino gambling on the horse racing industry. In addition, the trend in horse race wagering and casino wagering in Manitoba was analyzed since the opening of a government-run, year-round casino in the Fort Garry Hotel in Winnipeg.
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