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Title: The Law of Expropriation of Land: A Balancing Act,
Authors: Bowal, Peter
Somers, Rohan
Keywords: expropriation;government acquisition of land
Issue Date: 2013
Publisher: Centre for Public Legal Education Alberta (CPLEA)
Citation: Peter Bowal and Rohan Somers, “The Law of Expropriation of Land: A Balancing Act,” (2013) 37:6 LawNow19 (
Abstract: The somewhat foreboding term “expropriation” in Canada describes the right of the government (the Crown or one of its agencies) to legally take real property (land), that is in private hands and apply it for a greater public use or benefit. This concept is called “compulsory purchase” in the United Kingdom, and “taking” or “condemnation” under the power of “eminent domain” in the United States.
Description: Author has retained copyright of article. Article deposited after permission was granted by CPLEA. 01/30/15
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