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dc.contributor.authorCheung, Victor
dc.contributor.authorScott, Stacey D.
dc.description.abstractLarge interactive walls capable of delivering dynamic content to broad audiences are becoming increasingly common in public areas for information dissemination, advertising, and entertainment purposes. A major design challenge for these systems is to entice and engage passersby to interact with the system, and in a manner intended by the designers. To address this issue, we are examining the use of different types of animation at various stages of the interaction as someone approaches and begins interacting with the system. Using usage measures from museum studies, namely, attraction and engagement of an exhibit, we plan to assess the effectiveness of different types of animation in the context of an interactive notice board application in a university campus. We describe our design approach and plans for studying the animation design in a real-world public setting.en_US
dc.titleInvestigating attraction and engagement of animation on large interactive walls in public settingsen_US

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