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Title: A case for non-phonological constraints on nasal substitution
Authors: De Guzman, Videa P
Keywords: Linguistics;Tagalog language;Morphology
Issue Date: May-1978
Publisher: University of Calgary
Citation: De Guzman, V. P. (1978). A case for non-phonological constraints on nasal substitution. Calgary Working Papers in Linguistics, 4(Spring), page 51-64.
Abstract: One problem in phonology which continues to puzzle linguists in the field of Western Austronesian has to do with nasal assimilation. This seemingly simple and pervasive phonological process across languages may manifest certain complexities when it involves a prefix ending with a nasal followed by a base with an initial oral consonant. Tagalog, a major Philippine language, best illustrates these complexities. The facts of the language show that while homorganic nasal assimilation applies quite generally across morpheme boundaries, the related process called nasal substitution operates under certain restrictions which are not necessarily phonological.
ISSN: 2371-2643
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