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Title: Calgary Working Papers in Linguistics, Volume 5, Spring 1979
Keywords: Linguistics;Historical linguistics;Atsina language;Algonquian languages;Austronesian languages;Grammar, Comparative and general--Possessives;Oceanic languages;Roviana language;Fijian language;Tolai language;Mota language;Nguna language;Rarotongan language;Mele-Fila language;Morphology;Discourse analysis, Narrative;Sociolinguistics;Phonology;Proto-Eastern-Oceanic language;Proto-Oceanic language;Semantics;Syntax;Focus (Linguistics);Russian language;Classifiers (Linguistics);Na-Dene languages;Athabaskan language;Spanish language
Issue Date: May-1979
Publisher: University of Calgary
Citation: O'Grady, W. D. (Ed.) (1979). Calgary Working Papers in Linguistics, 5(Spring).
Abstract: This issue is the fifth in the series of working papers published by LOGOS, the Student Linguistics Society at the University of Calgary. The series provides a vehicle for faculty members and students to publish current research. These papers represent research in progress and are not to be considered final statements by the authors. The appearance of these articles in the current issue does not preclude their publication in altered form elsewhere.
ISSN: 2371-2643
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