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Title: The semantics of "Tu" and "Vous" diachronic and synchronic considerations
Authors: Duff, Patricia A
Keywords: Linguistics;Historical linguistics;Semantics;French language;Pragmatics
Issue Date: May-1980
Publisher: University of Calgary
Citation: Duff, P. A. (1980). The semantics of "Tu" and "Vous" diachronic and synchronic considerations. Calgary Working Papers in Linguistics, 6(Spring), 11-28.
Abstract: One of the functions of language is to reveal the role relations that exist between speakers. Roles are perceived by individuals, then evaluated in order that information provided by speech acts may be appropriately interpreted by speakers. Part of each speaker's communicative competence is a sophisticated set of rules, specific to one's cultural membership, which determine one's verbal behaviour. It has been observed by various linguists that social structure and grammatical patterns are profoundly linked. With regard to personal pronouns in particular, Friedrich (1963) claims that second person pronouns link abstract properties of a basic grammatical paradigm to a second matrix of culturally specific components of major emotional and social significance. Obligatory address forms are part of a speaker's communicative competence which fuse grammar and social categories in a very interesting way.
ISSN: 2371-2643
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