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Title: Increased legal gambling in New York, a policy analysis : volume III
Authors: Hudson Institute
Singer, Max
Candela, Basil
Keywords: New York State Gambling Commission;Legal gambling;Gambling--New York
Issue Date: 12-Jan-1973
Publisher: Hudson Institute
Abstract: Hudson Institute has found the use of a chartbook to be an extremely useful tool for the presentation of data. It is designed to give the interested reader a quick, and hopefully complete view of facts and opinions of knowledgeable people. The purpose, of course, is to help shape the reader's thinking on the subject being examined and aid in the formation of his decisions if he is in a policy-determining position. This chartbook is supplementary to the Institute's report HI-1736-RR as part of our contract with the New York State Gambling Commission. The main report's conclusions and recommendations are based in large part on the material shown on the following pages.
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