Hispano-Celtic languages

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University of Calgary
Celtic documentation from Spain dates back to the second century B.C., predating the Ogham funerary inscriptions of Ireland by about four hundred years. They were inscribed sometimes in the Roman alphabet, sometimes in that curious semi-syllabic writing system employed by the ancient Iberians. Both Roman and Iberian cultures were in immediate contact with the Celtic tribes of the eastern portion of the Peninsula. The significance of these early inscriptions lies not only in their philological importance but also in their linguistic characteristics which are helpful in piecing together the even earlier common Celtic of Europe, and the relationship of Celtic to Italic languages and to Proto-Indo-European.
Linguistics, Historical linguistics, Inscriptions, Celtiberian, Celtic languages, Phonology, Celtiberian language
Anderson, J. M. (1982). Hispano-Celtic languages. Calgary Working Papers in Linguistics, 8(Fall), 13-20.