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Title: One aspect of Cree syntax
Authors: Watai, Fumi
Keywords: Linguistics;Syntax;Algonquian languages;Cree language
Issue Date: Jan-1996
Publisher: University of Calgary
Citation: Watai, F. (1996). One aspect of Cree syntax. Calgary Working Papers in Linguistics, 18(Winter), 77-102.
Abstract: In this paper I will adopt the adjunct NP framework. developed by Jelinek (1984) and Baker (1991) wherein most NPs are generated in adjunct positions and coindexed with pronominal arguments. This theoretical framework. allows us to distinguish the components in A'-position from other components in A-position and to determine what makes freedom of word order possible. The goals of this paper are twofold: the first is to analyze the structure of Cree and to argue that Cree is a configurational language. and the second is to apply this Cree structural analysis to the so-called inverse construction in order to determine what kind of operation is involved in the inverse form and in Case and theta role assignment, in general.
ISSN: 2371-2643
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