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Title: The 'whats' and 'whys' of the glottalic theory
Authors: Bailey, Julie A
Keywords: Linguistics;Indo-European languages;Proto-Indo-European language;Phonology;Historical linguistics
Issue Date: Jan-1996
Publisher: University of Calgary
Citation: Bailey, J. A. (1996). The 'whats' and 'whys' of the glottalic theory. Calgary Working Papers in Linguistics, 18(Winter), 47-66.
Abstract: The focus of the present paper is the relatively new hotbed of controversy within lndo-European studies known as the 'Glottalic Theory'. This theory proposes a completely revised look for the Proto-Indo-European obstruent system which has consequently received polaric responses ranging from total respect to caustic rejection, both extremes being based at least in part on grounds of typology. This paper will look first at the traditional reconstructions to find out what prompted the proposed changes.
ISSN: 2371-2643
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