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dc.contributor.authorBeatty, Susan
dc.contributor.authorPayne, Jennifer
dc.identifier.citationBeatty, Susan, and Jennifer Payne. (2016). Student Learning Behaviours in Informal Learning Spaces in the Taylor Family Digital Library, University of Calgary Conference on Postsecondary Learning and Teaching: Exploring Creativity in Postsecondary Learning and Teaching, Calgary, May 10-11. Calgary, AB: University of Calgary.en_US
dc.description.abstractTo investigate student perceptions of the TFDL learning spaces, an study was conducted in winter 2016. The study involved: semi-structured interviews with 21 participants, roughly 45 minutes each, and included questions on: •students’ learning styles, •learning activities in the library •locations in which they performed these activities and why •their ideal learning space •preferences based on 15 photos of TFDL spaces The interview transcriptions were analyzed via open and axial coding, using NVivo software. Results are preliminary. Our poster highlights some student views on spaces in TFDL as they relate to their learning behaviours.en_US
dc.titleStudent Learning Behaviours in Informal Learning Spaces in the Taylor Family Digital Libraryen_US

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