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Title: Data Management Possibilities for Aperture 3 Hexagonal Discrete Global Grid Systems
Authors: Mahdavi-Amiri, Ali
Alderson, Troy
Samavati, Faramarz
Keywords: Data Management, Aperture 3 Discrete Global Grid Systems
Issue Date: 22-Aug-2016
Series/Report no.: 2016-1087-06;
Abstract: In a Digital Earth framework, data sets are gathered from different sources in three main forms: imagery/elevation, vector, and quantitative data sets. In order to efficiently work with these data sets in a Digital Earth framework, effective methods to represent and transmit these data sets are required. While these representations may be different for each type of data set, they must all preserve the actual data as much as possible in order to accurately address queries. Furthermore, they also need to be compatible with the underlying structure of the Digital Earth framework. In this paper, we describe several data representations for an Aperture 3 Hexagonal Discrete Global Grid System which is a common approach to build a Digital Earth framework. We also discuss how they can be used to transmit data sets or address specific queries.
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