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Title: Comparative Analysis of Aboriginal Resource Production
Authors: Dullet, Sarvmeet
Issue Date: Sep-2013
Citation: Dullet, Sarvmeet. (2013). Comparative Analysis of Aboriginal Resource Production ( Unpublished master's thesis). University of Calgary, Calgary, AB.
Abstract: This project examines resource production in Canada but more specifically, resource production on aboriginal land. With First Nations, the Inuit and the Métis all being considered aboriginal people of Canada, they are in reality subject to different legislation that deals with how resource production occurs on their land. This project will focus on the different types of applicable legislation and how it can differently impact the aboriginal way of life. The main cases used in the study are the First Nations in Alberta and the Inuit in Nunavut, both of whom are located on resource rich land. By analyzing the difference between the two groups of aboriginals and their applicable legislation a better understanding can occur of which method promotes better cultural, social and economical growth among aboriginals and whether other methods should be amended or abolished.
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