Nutrition North Canada: A Solution to Northern Canadian Food Insecurity?

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Canada is a relatively wealthy country and issues of food security do not appear to be a major problem. In Northern Canada, however, many individuals find it difficult to access the foods they need to satisfy healthy diet requirements. Food prices in Northern Canada are considerably higher than they are in the South. The costs of transporting food to Northern Canadian communities are high, due to their isolation and distance from shipping routes. The Canadian government has enacted policies to lower food costs: Nutrition North Canada is the current result of these efforts, and it is the second iteration of the Food Mail program enacted in the 1960s. Millions of dollars in subsidies are provided to Northern Canadian retailers to offset the high food transportation costs. Recently, however, a Report from the Auditor General of Canada raised doubts as to whether the program was working to lower food costs. In addition to high food costs, many individuals in Northern Canada, in territories such as Nunavut and the Northwest Territories earn low incomes. These regions also experience food insecurity at much higher rates than the rest of Canada. To ensure all Canadians have access to a proper diet, a more effective Northern food policy is needed. This Capstone provides background of food security in Northern Canada; examines past and current Northern food subsidies, and presents an alternative: providing low income Northerners with a food stamp style subsidy to ease the negative effects of the high costs of food. Enacting this policy would provide stability to low income Northerners and decrease food insecurity in Northern Canada.
Bray, David. (2015). Nutrition North Canada: A Solution to Northern Canadian Food Insecurity? ( Master's thesis, University of Calgary, Calgary, Canada). Retrieved from