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My research explores the relationship between creativity and curiosity by investigating questions posed by quantum science about the nature of reality, particularly regarding the concepts of fundamental uncertainty, wave-particle duality, superposition, the measurement problem, entanglement and emergence. This support text will provide important context for the development of my research methodology as well as discussions on the creation and analysis of the two artworks in the exhibition at Contemporary Calgary: Looking Up at the Surface and Emergence. The artworks in my thesis exhibition, waveforms, are the physical and conceptual manifestations of life in a non-deterministic universe. They are conceptual and perceptual metaphors for fundamental uncertainty, our relationship to the quantum world and ourselves as emergent beings. The overarching conclusions of my work concern the limitations on our ability to know the “truth” about the universe, but also the understanding that each of us carry “truth” in our unique, subjective perspectives as we experience and create reality.
Fine art, Quantum, Print, Printmaking, Intaglio, Installation, Sculpture, Uncertainty, Artscience, Physics, Research creation
Tuell, S. L. (2023). waveforms (Master's thesis, University of Calgary, Calgary, Canada). Retrieved from https://prism.ucalgary.ca.