Drinking from a fire hose: how to cope with the onslaught of electronic resources

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How do public service librarians and archivists cope with the ever increasing volume of electronic offerings? How do we keep up-to-date for ourselves and our users? This presentation looks at a number of resources to aid the public services librarian as well as how to keep users informed about the ever-expanding resources they can access. Some issues addressed include: (1) With the continual growth of free resources as well as fee-based databases available through memberships, institutional and consortia purchases, how do we know what is available and where it can be found? (2) With vendors and websites changing their content and interfaces, how do we find information and research effectively and efficiently? (3) How do we know about and/or access resources not available to our institution for our own continuing education/professional development?
Presentation delivered at Netspeed 2007: Exploring technologies in a highly connected world, Calgary, AB, October 17-19, 2007.
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