Measuring a Lack of Engagement in Raging Skies

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A lack of engagement is bad for measurement via assessment (Kane, 2006). Traditional qualitative measures of a lack of engagement are error prone and expensive (V. Shute & Ventura, 2013). Thus, a quantitative approach is used in this study to attempt to address such issues. This study attempts to find a characteristic behaviour associated with a lack of engagement: Rapid-Guessing Behaviour (RGB; Wise, 2017). Data used during analysis comes from a project by Dr. Man-Wai Chu which studied learner data as they played a Game-Based Assessment (GBA; Chu & Chiang, 2018); A GBA is a game used as a platform for assessment (Ren, 2019). Analysis failed to reveal a strong link between RGB and a lack of engagement in this study. However, it is believed that learners with some behaviour patterns were exhibiting Enjoyment Seeking Behaviour; In short, they disengaged from the assessment to seek enjoyment elsewhere.
Engagement, Assessment, Validity, Test Anxiety, Game-Based Assessment, Log Files, Rapid-Guessing Behaviour
Mattingly, P. (2022). Measuring a lack of engagement in Raging Skies (Master's thesis, University of Calgary, Calgary, Canada). Retrieved from