Sound Ecology and Acoustic Health, Part 5: Frequency Domain Analysis

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Circuit Cellar, Kick Media Corporation, U. S. A.
Introduction from periodical article:; Last month we explained how finishing our mobile phone application for identifying community noise nuisance problem had suddenly become a “must complete” project for one of Mike’s neighbour’s kids at University. The eldest teenager had volunteered with a group of scholars from literature, art history, nursing, archaeology, religious studies, science and medicine wants to take research on ghosts seriously -- The project involved working on analysing room acoustics as a possible source of “that friendly spectral feeling”. Fig. 1 B Last month we started working on fulfilling the promise from our first CC article to “provide enough information to do some “real” digital signal processing (DSP) analysis” We talked about grabbing the audio information and preparing it for display. This month we will handle the last part of our neighbour’s frantic email “Get Adrien to add some graphics’ capability to display the frequency characteristics of the sounds in a room to make my term report more interesting! The things we Canadians will do to stay on the right side of the neighbour’s kids so they will shovel snow!
Sound Ecology, Acoustic Health, Android Application, Signal processing
Adrien Gaspard and Mike Smith, "Sound Ecology and Acoustic Health, Part 5: Frequency Domain Analysis",. Circuit Cellar, #304, 18-31, 2015