Problem gambling : Network Project final report, 1995-1996

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The purpose of the project was three fold: 1. To provide insight of the prevalence of adult problem gambling in the general population; and 2. To provide an accurate estimate of adult problem gambling who are in a recovery program from other addictions; 3. Why VLT's were so stimulating to problem gamblers. Social research was conducted by utilizing the SOGS-R, a social research instrument to measure if a person is a problem gambler and if a person is a pathological gambler. The research was directed at the general population and people in a 12 step recovery program. The goal of the project was to help reduce problem gambling in the general population; and to prevent people in recovery or seeking recovery from other addictions to transfer their addictive behavior to gambling which could cause a relapse in their original addiction or suicide.
Problem gambling, AADAC, VLTs