GFFD: General Free Form Deformations using Partition Unity Parametrics

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Free Form Deformations (FFD) have been successfully employed to deform 2D or 3D shapes to manipulate them and obtain a desired shape. In this deformation, a lattice of control points is placed on the given shape and by moving control points, the given shape is deformed according to a set of underlying smooth basis function (e.g. BSpline, NURBS). In this paper, we attempt to generalize Free Form Deformations (GFFD) by using more general basis functions called Partition Uniform Parametrics or PUPs. We provide a comparison of GFFD in which PUPs are employed as the basis functions with BSpline, Bezier, and NURBS basis functions. Although this work is in its preliminary stages, we believe that there are many directions to improve and extend the current idea. We eventually discuss these ideas in the paper.
FFD, PUPS, BSpline