Consciousness and the self

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"Consciousness and the Self' is a thesis in the philosophy of mind on the topic of consciousness from the perspective of the individual. I argue for the superiority of the first-person epistemological position based on introspection as a valid form of knowledge acquisition. I argue for the existence of qualia. And I propose a view of the self as the seat of consciousness and the core of one's personal identity. I discuss the views of William James, David Hume, Gilbert Ryle, Herbert Feigl, Thomas Nagel, John Searle, Anthony Quinton, J. J. C. Smart, Frank Jackson, Daniel Dennett, and Paul Churchland. I do not share the Eliminativists' enthusiasm for eradicating folk-psychology, the mind, and mental states. My views on both consciousness and the self lie between Non- Disappearance Identity Theory and Interactive Dualism. Thus, I emphasize the possibility of reconciling Materialism and Mentalism.
Bibliography: p. 123-124.
Storwick, T. L. (1994). Consciousness and the self (Master's thesis, University of Calgary, Calgary, Canada). Retrieved from doi:10.11575/PRISM/22316