What is 'Systematic' about systematic literature reviews - PDW (workshop)

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In this PDW, we will offer an asynchronous training session on how to design systematic literature reviews, describing methodological innovations for conducting them and more rigorous standards for reporting them. First, we will discuss the purpose of systematic literature reviews (compared to other types of literature reviews) and their relevance for advancing management scholarly efforts. Second, we will illuminate why most literature reviews often fall short of their potential, and how unrecognized variance in methodological rigor undermines the usefulness of different types of reviews for evidence- based management. Third, we will present techniques and approaches for conducting systematic literature reviews; in doing so we show how adoption of advanced systematic review practices facilitate an accumulated body of knowledge to guide in management scholarship and practice. The PowerPoint slides included here are for the training aspect of this workshop, presented at the Academy of Management annual conference 2020.
PowerPoint slides
Systematic Reviews; Evidence-based Management; Business and Management
Premji, Z. A., & Splenda, R. (2020, August 8). What is “Systematic” about systematic literature reviews [Slides]. University of Calgary. https://prism.ucalgary.ca/bitstream/item/345f77e6-8e09-4e3d-8713-4e44c5332e0a/AoM2020_Systematic%20reviews_Final_20200807.pdf?sequence=1&isAllowed=y