Database Assessment for PDMS

This document describes the database issues related to the Proactive Data Management System (PDMS) [6]. PDMS uses databases for a number of tasks. PDMS uses the Replica Location Service (RLS) [5], that is implemented using a database and can propagate updates between database servers. It also uses the Meta Catalogue Service (MCS) [7] schema, in another database. PDMS also currently uses the Reliable File Transfer (RFT) [3] service that also uses a database. Furthermore, PDMS uses a database to save its internal state so that its internal state is preserved between server restarts. The rest of this document is organized as follows: Section 2 gives an overview of relational databases. Section 3 describes database issues for the main PDMS server. Section 4 describes the RLS service, how it is used by PDMS and its database dependencies. Section 5 does the same for the MCS service and Section 6 describes database issues with the RFT service. Section 7 concludes the document.
Computer Science