The Western Computer Graphics Symposium, nicknamed 'SkiGraph', is an annual professional meeting comprising mostly graphics researchers and their graduate students from Western Canada. In 2000, several Western Canadian researchers in Human Computer Interaction: Saul Greenberg (U.Calgary), Carl Gutwin (U. Saskatchewan), Kori Inkpen (Simon Fraser) and Sheelagh Carpendale (U. Calgary) agreed to use Skigraph as a way to get themselves and their graduate students together, where students would present papers describing their research. Because it was important for all graduate students to share their ideas, the papers written could range from identification of research areas and tentative proposals of research problems all the way to detailed results from mature work. This research report collects five research papers by students at Grouplab to SkiGraph (Grouplab is the laboratory for human computer interaction research at the University of Calgary). The papers are listed below. In all cases, the students are the first author followed by faculty members who have supervised or contributed to the work in one way or another. Individual papers may be cited directly by including the following information.
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