An Experimental Opportunity: Using Mindful Stories in the Mindful Consideration of Fear

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In Search of Fearlessness Research Institute
The Fearology Institute
In this article the issue of fear management practice is discussed in terms of the discourse around mindfulness and an experiential engagement is provided. The article describes two heuristics and then brings them together in a process which the author invites you to engage with. First, in terms of fear analysis, the heuristic for fear diagnosis called the Paradigm of Fear is introduced. PoF relates to concepts of Weapon, Target, Emotion, State. These are described in overview. Secondly, a heuristic relating to mindful assessments is reviewed, concepts of Meaning, Relevance, Value, Insight and Action are introduced. Following this, readers are invited to engage with a Mindful Story, a story which already contains the fear heuristic. Following reading the Mindful Story, the reader is asked to further engage with it using MRVIA and make their own personal assessment of their fear analysis and any reflections or actions which might arise. A discussion of the likely and useful outcomes of such assessment follows and finally, the paper closes with conclusions on the potential value of Mindful Stories in engaging with fearful situations.
fear management, terror, mindful stories, fear heuristic
Bell, S. (2020). An experiential opportunity: Using mindful stories in the mindful consideration of fear. International Journal of Fear Studies, 2(1), 17-30