Sketching and Ideation Activities for Situated Visualization Design

We report on findings from seven design workshops that used ideation and sketching activities to prototype new situated visualizations — representations of data that are displayed in proximity to the physical referents (such as people, objects, and locations) to which the data is related. Designing situated visualizations requires a fine-grained understanding of the context in which the visualizations are placed, as well as an exploration of different options for placement and form factors, which existing methods for visualization design do not account for. Focusing on small displays as a target platform, we reflect on our experiences of using a diverse range of sketching activities, materials, and prompts. Based on these observations, we identify challenges and opportunities for sketching and ideating situated visualizations. We also outline the space of design activities for situated visualization and highlight promising methods for both designers and researchers.
Situated Visualization, Information Visualization, Design Workshops, Small Displays, Ideation, Sketching
Bressa, N., Wannamaker, K., Korsgaard, H., Willett, W., & Vermeulen, J. (2019). Sketching and Ideation Activities for Situated Visualization Design. In Proceedings of the 2019 on Designing Interactive Systems Conference - DIS ’19. ACM Press.