Protocol for a rapid scoping review to examine child health and well-being indicator frameworks in OECD countries

The purpose of the rapid scoping review is to identify commonly recognized domains/dimension and indicators considered important to the measurement of child health and wellbeing of children and youth to inform the development of a wellbeing indicator framework. Understandings of the concept and importance of health and wellbeing has evolved in the recent decades to encompass wider determinants of health. The concept of wellbeing or quality of life in particular, has become increasingly relevant at the international and national policy levels as a measure for a country’s overall performance. Wellbeing or quality of life indicator frameworks can help monitor health and wellbeing over time in a given jurisdiction and guide the development of cross–sectoral wellbeing policies and strategies to improve overall wellbeing outcomes of the population. This protocol describes our approach to a scoping review, which will gather comprehensive data on how child health and wellbeing is defined and measured across the globe. The protocol is based on the Preferred Reporting Items for Systematic reviews and Meta-Analyses extension for Scoping Reviews (PRISMA-ScR) Checklist, which will also guide its reporting. The scoping review will include peer-reviewed articles and information from a grey literature search of inter-governmental organizations and official documents of OECD countries. Data will be synthesized to showcase what child health and wellbeing is commonly comprised of (dimensions/domains/components) and which indicators and sources are used to measure the concept.
The scoping review is part of a BMO Endowed Research Award in Healthy Living in the Branch category of the Child Health and Wellness Grand Challenge Catalyst competition, funded by the Alberta Children's Hospital Foundation and University of Calgary
Child Health and Well-being, Indicator Framework, Child Health and Well-being Measures, Child Health and Well-being Indicators
Roth, C. G., Zwicker, J. D., Hagel, B. E., Boynton, H., Crowshoe, L. (Lindsay), Dimitropoulos, G., Exner-Cortens, D., Metcalfe, A., Russell-Mayhew, S., Schwartz, K. D., Thomas, K., & Tough, S. C. (2022). Scoping Review on Child Health and Well-being Indicator Frameworks in OECD Countries.