Partners Needed: The Relationship between the University Archives and Recordkeepers

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The University of Calgary Archives has adopted the continuum of care in its approach to providing records services. In order for this system to succeed, active participation by all recordkeepers throughout the institution is a vital and necessary component. The Information Management Program and the Archival Program of the University Archives work together in an on-going partnership with recordkeepers to ensure the creation, maintenance and preservation of complete and reliable records. Records Coordinators have been appointed to act as liaison between their offices and the University Archives in all matters related to records management and archives. Two training modules have been developed that address the principles and practice of keeping and managing records. Together, these modules form the core of a continually evolving training program. This presentation gives an overview of the developing partnership between the University of Calgary Archives and the institution’s recordkeepers. The presentation will focus on what has worked in the past, what is changing today, and what is evolving for the future.
Information Management and Archival Science