The Application of Single-Pass Heuristics for U-Lines

U-lines have been adopted in many manufacturing settings as part of JIT implementation. In this paper, we examine the applicability of existing straight-line heuristics for obtaining a balance on a U-line. We modify 13 single-pass heuristics and study the effectiveness of various heuristics under different problem conditions. An extensive computational study is carried out to help identify the best heuristics. In addition, we compare recent U-line procedures with a single-pass heuristic using some literature problems. Based on a single-pass heuristic, we compare the configurations of a straight- and U-line.
Balakrishnan J., Cheng C.H., Ho K.C., and Yang K.K., "The Application of Single-Pass Heuristics for U-Lines", Journal of Manufacturing Systems, Vol. 28 no. 1, 2009: 28-40.