2015 Northern Territory Gambling Prevalence and Wellbeing Survey

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Charles Darwin University
This report presents the first release of findings from the second population level gambling prevalence survey done in the Northern Territory (NT), some 10 years after the first. The information contained in this report will be useful to a range of stakeholders including government, policy-makers, counselling services, researchers, the community and industry. The survey methodology and questions included in the 2015 survey differ slightly to that used in 2005 survey, due to refinements in how gambling surveys are carried out, a move towards public health approaches to reducing gambling-related harm and the declining number of households with a working landline telephone. However, the report does include comparisons between the 2005 and 2015 surveys, where data item definitions are the same or similar. The inclusion of a mobile sample in this survey has enabled improved coverage across different demographic groups in the Northern Territory. This, along with improvements to the population weighting in the 2015 survey means estimates for problem gambling will be more accurate for the Northern Territory, and problem gambling risk estimates (with margins of error) can now be produced separately for the Indigenous and non-Indigenous populations.
Funding for the 2015 Gambling Prevalence and Wellbeing Survey came from the Northern Territory Government Department of Business.
Gambling -- Australia -- Northern Territory
Stevens, M. (2017, April). 2015 Northern Territory gambling prevalence and wellbeing survey. Darwin, Australia: Menzies School of Health Research, Charles Darwin University .