An Exploratory Sequential Mixed Methods Study Investigating Pedagogical Value at a Research-Intensive University

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Higher education institutions are increasingly being challenged with how best to deliver the necessary knowledge and skills required by the contemporary adult learner facing unprecedented global uncertainty and disruption. This exploratory mixed-methods study investigated the perceptions of a purposive sample of university instructors who exhibited innovative approaches to their pedagogical practices. Participants were university instructors teaching in degreed programs within a bounded timeframe (2015-2018) at a U-15 university in western Canada. The primary research question was: What are the differentiating factors in the approaches and philosophies of innovative university instructors that underpin the pedagogical value they deliver? Instrumentation and analysis consisted of a survey and semi-structured interviews. The fourteen findings from this study are: (1) an innovation mindset sets the foundation for teaching effectiveness, (2) innovative teaching methods reinforce collective learning, (3) affinity for and inclusion of innovative thinking is found within a supported community of practice, (4) innovative instructors are changemakers who focus on value creation, (5) intentional architecting supports co-created learning experiences that support value, (6) value can be created through pedagogy, (7) relationship building is a key element of value creation and begins with empathy, (8) facilitation and collaboration is necessary for guiding value creation in the adult learning process, (9) authentic balanced assessment supports the creation of value, (10) embracing student feedback supports the creation of value, (11) collecting value intelligence creates desired reciprocal benefits, (12) effectual means and experience makes a difference, (13) teaching is a qualified profession and a scholarly discipline which needs to evolve, and (14) innovative teaching can be repressed by institutional culture, inequities, restrictions and lack of support. These findings inform: (a) instructional design that supports the creation of pedagogical value; (b) academic enhancement through professional development which contributes to capacity building and (c) policy making related to teaching standards and teaching effectiveness.
pedagogical value, innovation, educational entrepreneur, higher education, scholarship of teaching, teaching effectiveness
Egizii, R. (2021). An Exploratory Sequential Mixed Methods Study Investigating Pedagogical Value at a Research-Intensive University (Doctoral thesis, University of Calgary, Calgary, Canada). Retrieved from