Smartphone-GPS Literature Review Complete Database

We conducted a two-stage search process to build a database of papers relevant to smartphone-GPS data and human behaviour studies: a key-term sweep of two academic search engines to identify focal papers, and a review of titles of other studies cited in the focal set to gather a second set of related papers. The first search was intended to represent the breadth of the literature, and the second was to dig deeper into a subset of the results to identify work that was pertinent to the research theme. To identify search terms for the first stage we conducted an iterative search for key words using the Web of ScienceTM (Science Citation Index Expanded) and ScopusTM. We developed a keyword search using relevant terms which we grouped into four categories: 1) terms for mobile phone; 2) terms for sensing and tracking; 3) terms for human behaviour; and, 4) terms to identify studies. Search terms were:"GPS" AND ("cellphone" OR "mobile phone" OR "smartphone" OR "smart phone") AND ("sensing" OR "tracking" OR "recording" OR "participat*") AND ("urban" OR "City" OR "behavior" OR "behaviour" OR "human") AND ("data" OR "study"). Search conducted early 2018
Smartphone-GPS, urban, design, planning,
Rout, A. (2020). Smartphone-GPS Literature Review Complete Database. Faculty of Science, University of Calgary, Calgary, AB.