School surveys of gambling among adolescents : a resource manual for community agencies

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Alberta Alcohol and Drug Abuse Commission (AADAC)
This resource manual provides a practical guide to lead one through the steps involved in conducting survey research on adolescent gambling in junior high and high schools. The content focuses specifically on how to carry out a well planned and efficiently managed project using questionnaires that will be administered in the classroom. Those individuals who are involved with or affected by the study are referred to as stakeholders. The key stakeholders in the school survey study of adolescent gambling include: the Alberta Alcohol and Drug Abuse Commission ; the community agencies who will conduct the survey study; authorities responsible for school districts; principals; teachers; students to be surveyed, and; parents of the students. This manual will also be helpful for planning what to communicate about your study to administrators who are providing funds for the study and authorities who are giving their consent to carry out the study in the schools. Although survey research can be challenging, reading the manual before you begin your study and using the suggested steps as you proceed with the study will help to make your survey study manageable. Various resources are suggested throughout the manual to help guide you at different stages of the research process. Included in Appendix A are resource books that may be useful for answering your questions about research and about adolescent gambling behavior.
Gambling--Adolescents, Gambling--Alberta, AADAC