Nonlinear elasticity, fluid flow and remodelling in biological tissues

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Articular cartilage is a soft tissue with depth-dependent structure and composition that covers the ends of bones in diarthrodial joints. It transmits loads between bones and minimizes joint wear. The purpose of this work was to implement a large deformation nonlinear model for biological tissues with statistically oriented reinforcing fibres, using a biphasic formulation to model global articular cartilage behaviour. The implemented model takes into account the effect of the depth-dependent variation in the collagen fibre orientation and the influence of the collagen fibres on the overall permeability of the tissue. This model was implemented using Finite Element software to determine the depth-dependent deformation of articular cartilage. In addition, a separate investigation was conducted to determine the remodelling of the fibres in statistically oriented fibre reinforced materials as a response to an externally applied loading, using an arterial sample.
Applied Mechanics
Tomic, A. (2012). Nonlinear elasticity, fluid flow and remodelling in biological tissues (Master's thesis, University of Calgary, Calgary, Canada). Retrieved from doi:10.11575/PRISM/27120