Courage/couragelessness: Rethinking the fear/fearlessness dialectic

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In Search of Fearlessness Research Institute
The Fearology Institute
The net of problems of injustice in the world, past, present and in the oncoming future-present are characteristically rooted in the many and varied contextual manifestations of the superiority-supremacism form. In search of the metaphysical pathology hidden by the banal invisibility of Western thought (worldview/ideologies) for Western subjects, the authors critically recognize, conceptualize and unveil the superiority-supremacism form, the conflation of dualistic and nondualistic phenomena, and the all too common synthesis of superiority-supremacism and the conflation of dualistic/nondualistic phenomena that form an essential aspect of the Colonial Modernist Worldview (C.M. Worldview ; see Barnesmoore 2018) as a critique of Western knowledge and conceptions of human history manufactured therein.
courage, fear, fearlessness, Artificial worldview, Natural Worldview
Barnesmoore, L., & Fisher, R. M. (2019). Courage/couragelessness: Rethinking the fear/fearlessness dialectic. International Journal of Fear Studies, 1(1), 61-90.