Alberta's Water Challenge: Water Valuation as a Management Tool

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Water is our most valuable resource. It sustains life, environmental ecosystems and the economy. In Alberta, an integrated approach to water management is integral to our water conservation efforts. This means that a connection must be made in the use of water by municipalities, the agricultural sector and energy industry, while ensuring that the needs of the environment are met. The objective of this Capstone Project was to research, analyze, and provide policy recommendations on water management issues in Alberta. Specific emphasis was on understanding the role water valuation should play in water management for Alberta’s agricultural, energy and municipal sectors. Research was gathered through literature reviews and interviews with fourteen Alberta water experts. Recent implementations of the Land-Use Framework (2008) and the Water for Life strategy (2003) demonstrate the province’s pragmatic approach to land and water management. However, tangible tools and management strategies in Alberta are limited when connecting water for people, food, energy and the environment. Increased population growth and economic activity as well as impacts of climate change will strain Alberta’s water resources. In light of these pressures, a renewed approach to water management is required.
Kline, Lindsay. (2013). Alberta's Water Challenge: Water Valuation as a Management Tool ( Master's thesis, University of Calgary, Calgary, Canada). Retrieved from