Measuring gambling and problem gambling in Alberta using the Canadian problem gambling index (CPGI) : final report

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Alberta Gaming Research Institute
This study is funded by a research grant provided by the Alberta Gaming Research Institute and is the third study in eight years to survey adult Albertans gambling patterns and behaviours (Wynne, Smith, & Volberg, 1994; Wynne Resources, 1998). The focus of this research project is twofold; that is, to use the newly-minted CPGI to describe the gambling practices of adult Albertans and to gain insight into the extent of problem gambling behaviour in this population. The results are intended to serve as a baseline measure for future Alberta problem gambling prevalence research, and ultimately, it is envisaged that these comparable studies will feed into a database that profiles gambling and problem gambling behavior across Canada. The remainder of this chapter includes a brief update of changes to the Alberta legal gambling landscape since the 1998 study; it proceeds with a discussion of problem gambling as a public health issue, and concludes with an elaboration of the Measuring Problem Gambling in Canada project, which generated the CPGI.